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it's gonna be here.

🎉  Finally, we can talk about it. We're launching the Pure Neo Magazine for Contemporary Life next year. First-adopters can join the public beta program now.

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A neo magazine — different than anything you have seen before. Curated, cool, and lightyears ahead. No articles, no reviews, no critiques. Just a simple concept: We don’t care what others do!

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We explore the contemporary web for cool music, vinyl, hifi, inspiration, and knowledge. You explore the Pure Neo Magazine.

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We curate our discoveries in contemporary bite-sized items. No long readings and no click-baits. We call them 'Neos'. You curate Neos in your Pure Neo Account.

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We share curated Neos on contemporary channels like Instagram, Reddit, Twitch, Youtube, and very soon in the Metaverse. You share Neos with your peers.


Pure Neo is an experience-first neo magazine for contemporary people. Built with human-centric design principles and non-negotiable core values. Health over hyper-growths. Quality over speed. Zero tolerance for harassment, bullies and trolls.

Think, design, test, learn, repeat.

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No office

Many people love working from their couch as much as we do. Others feel safer at home. And soon, we might want to work at the little barista down the street again. So wherever you work best - go for it.

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No office hours

On some days, listening to music or reading feels healthier than work. That's ok. We believe, getting things done is much more relevant than living in a corset of office hours. So whenever you work best - go for it.

3  —

No officers

CEO, CTO, CFO, Oh oh. It seems like managers worldwide agree on the importance of officer titles to manifest their power. We don't believe in officers. Whatever non-officer title strikes your fancy - go for it.

Pure Neo is still in beta

Music is just the beginning. There is so much more to come. Soon we're going to cover Hi-fi, Vinyl, and Digital Life.

Pure Neo is the first neo magazine for contemporary life. Lightyears ahead and different than anything you have seen before.

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