Sonically Outstanding Vinyl Reissues

This gonna be the most comprehensive and free available database for all-analog or sonically outstanding vinyl reissues. Regarding the controversy over the last couple of weeks, we started with Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab and Analogue Productions.

Update 8/20 Speakers Corner catalogue, 21 new MoFi titles, 7 mistakes corrected.
Update 8/21 Blue Note Tone Poet Series, Blue Note Classic Series.
Update 8/24 Blue Note 80s Series, Classic Records, Impex.

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DISCLAIMER: This database is not meant as a bullet-proof document to forward to your lawyer! It's a project to provide a free and continually improving source of information. The database contains inconsistencies, missing pieces, and also some mistakes. It's not finished, and you're welcome to contribute to it.


We are getting some questions regarding usage and content of this database. We collect and answer them below.

Is the database free?

Yes, we decided to keep the vinyl reissue database outside of our paywall. We might restrict access to logged-in members in the future, but there always will be a free membership. So the database is and stays for free.

Of course you're welcome to buy us a coffee once in a while to appreciate our efforts. But this is up to you. :)

Is the database 100% accurate?

Short answer is, no. We're improving the database and adding more content step by step, but it will never be complete, ready or perfect. If you're looking for a perfect database, we highly recommend to create your own one. It's fun. But also a hell load of work.;)

How can I contribute to help you filling the gaps?

We are working on a feature that allows you to click a button in each row and provide the missing or corrected data.

If you vote for what label we should add to the database next, we'll inform you when new updates and features are online.

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What comes next?

What you see is just the beginning. Of course, we started with Analogue Productions and Mobile Fidelity Sound Lab. We have some ideas how to proceed with new features but want you to decide what labels gonna be added next. Craft Records, Speakers Corner, Blue Note Tone Poet or Classic Series, Impex, Classic Records, Vinyl Me Please, or a completely different label? You can decide. So go vote.

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I'm just here for the MoFi controversy. Can I see just the digital sourced?

Sure, we have you covered. You can filter and sort the database as you like. To only see the digital MoFi vinyls you need to combine two filters.