The tanking WIX stock is no surprise pt3

Thursday, March 24, 2022
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It's an unpredictable high risk to build my business on the EditorX platform.

The original plan for pt3 was to write about customer-centricity, ego, and attitude. Unfortunately, the past two weeks with EditorX where jaw dropping.

Therefore I drastically had to change my plans.

  • I won't write about ego and attitude in pt3. Instead, I'll describe what I've experienced during the last two weeks so that you can understand my decision.
  • I decided to build a copy of what I created with EditorX on the Webflow platform. And I'm going to publicly document every step to compare it with my EditorX/Wix/Velo experience. After 4-6 weeks, I'll look where I stand with both platforms and choose on which one I'm going to proceed my business.

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The launch of the Pure Neo Magazine is already massively delayed, and the quality issues of EditorX causes additional costs. Altogether, an approximate loss of 12-15k so far. Another month for building a copy of what we already have is an additional unplanned investment. So why am I doing this?

Because on top of all the issues I've already described in pt1 and pt2, there are two main reasons for this decision.

  1. The response time of Wix/EditorX customer support is not acceptable for a business.
  2. Things built with EditorX break, disappear or stop working overnight. And nobody looks into it or knows/tells you why.

Not acceptable response time

On February 17th, I've reported an error that blocks one of the core features of my business model to the support bot.

On February 21st, I got the first email reply with a standard template that asked for more details. (Why hasn't the bot asked these standard questions?)

On February 24th, I got the first individual response. Unfortunately, this is not only far too long. Also, the answer wasn't helpful because the person wasn't informed about the actual state of the bug fixing process in their teams. The bug got fixed already, and she did not know about it and told me my code could need some improvements, which may be causing the error.

Breaking and disappearing

On February 24th, their bug was fixed, but suddenly the layout of the page where the bug occurred was broken. Also, the functionalities of buttons were broken. I immediately reported this, and it took until March 3rd to get a reply. They told me they did not touch something that could cause the broken page.

This means; webpages built with EditorX can break overnight without any reason!

It took me 4-5 hours to find the broken parts and rebuild them. Some parts of the page just wholly disappeared overnight.

Disappearing things is nothing new to EditorX.

Last year I reported for the first time that brand colors are disappearing overnight from the color panel. It's not fixed until today.

In this state, EditorX is a complete disaster for business. Nobody should build a business on a platform where parts of your work are disappearing - and nobody knows why - and nobody cares why.

So what next:

  • I'm trying to achieve a stable version of my business website on EditorX
  • In parallel, I'll build a copy of my business website on Webflow.
  • In April, I'll decide which platform I choose for my business.

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I still want the CEO and VP Product to answer my questions.

So here are all questions from pt1 and pt2, and some new ones:

  • Did you know about the state of EditorX?
  • If yes, did you tell the investors the complete truth about the state of EditorX?
  • Is EditorX already an abandoned product?
  • Do you feel it's okay to charge your customers money for a not-really-ready product like EditorX?
  • How do you compensate the customers' costs caused by the usability and stability problems of EditorX? Any ideas on that?
  • Do you know about the somewhat fishy or maybe even fake ratings/comments on the app marketplace and user forums? Any plans to delete them?
  • Are there plans to hire more people to improve the usability and stability of EditorX?
  • Are there plans to hire more people to deliver essential features more quickly?
  • Is it part of the EditorX product strategy to not support no-code integrations like Zapier and others?
  • Does anyone at Ltd believe the editors' and apps' quality has no impact on customers leaving the platform frustrated?
  • Does anyone at Ltd believe the poor ratings and bad online reputation of editors and apps have no impact on customer acquisition?
  • Does anyone at Ltd still believe that they can fix the unsatisfying KPIs just with marketing and sales?

Finally, let's talk about attitude and ego.

I'm aware that it needs a bold and honest move to admit the shortcomings of EditorX. And most likely, the ego of some individuals won't allow compensating for the damage their product has caused. But maybe you prove me wrong.

  • Do you pay back the fees you've charged me for a product that has massive quality issues?
  • Do you compensate me for the costs caused by the quality issues of EditorX? (Or at least share the costs 50/50 with me?)

I won't stop here. I will continue report my experience with EditorX and Ltd.

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Behind the link below I will continuously add my disastrous experiences with EditorX. You can sort the database by shortcomings of EditorX on the level of embarrassment from "Seriously?" to "Someone needs to be ashamed."

It's a work-in-progress database and not finished yet. Atm it's just a rough and short list to remind me what to describe next. I will continuo working on this.

Desaster Backlog

Georg S. Kuklick