Tom Ford meets John Sugar

What a week. Every morning we woke up with a gazillion posts on LinkedIn, Medium, and Substack addressing the implications of ChatGPT-4o, Gemini 1.5, and Project Astra on jobs, business models, and the way we are going to use the web soon. So let's have a look into the future.

Georg S. Kuklick
June 21, 2024
 min read
Tom Ford and John Suger.

This week was so much fun.

Monday: OpenAI showcased what ChatGPT-4o is capable of, and everyone was blown away. There was truly some magic to it. Tuesday: Google presented several new products to catch up with OpenAI. The integration into Workspaces, Project Astra, and Overview looks promising. A 2 million token-long context window? Damn, that's a lot. Wednesday: Sam Altman spoke on the Logan Bartlett Podcast about the goal of achieving reasoning with Ai and what this brings for the future. Highly recommended to watch. Thursday: Ilya Sutskever, one co-founder of OpenAI, and other high-profile researchers are leaving OpenAI. Friday: Pure Neo AI hub soft-launched the GOAL, CONTEXT, ACTION initiative for early adopters.

One thing is for sure. AI agents and multimodality are changing the web as we know it today. And people are asking questions. Many questions. Here are the most important ones.

  • What does the future hold for me?
  • Will we use one agent or many?
  • What will Apple do?

But isn't it obvious?

Summer 2026. Apple iOS 20 has arrived.

Me: Hey Siri, Susan has sent me an invitation to her wedding, and I need a new outfit. It's in Hamburg, so the people are stiff. I don't want to be underdressed, but I still want to look cool. Tom Ford meets John Sugar. What do you think?

Siri: I have seen the invite in your emails and just added it to your calendar. Yeah, Tom Ford meets John Sugar is what I was thinking of as well. Navy-blue suit. Super 120 wool. White cotton shirt that works well with or without a tie. Slim-fit - but not tight. Fashion falls, right?

Me: Absolutely.

Siri: Cool, let me put some outfits together for you. The event is on the first weekend in May so temperatures might be low in Hamburg, especially in the evenings. I’ll add a light jacket and show you the outfits with and without it.

Me: Sounds perfect.

Siri: While I prepare the outfits, shall we book a hotel or will you stay at Susan’s place? It’s just 3 weeks ahead, and availabilities in Hamburg are already limited.

Me: Yes, let’s do this. Hotel. Maybe there is something nearby.

Siri: I found two available places less than 10 minutes walking distance from the event. Available Friday to Sunday. Want to see them?

Me: Yes, show them to me.

Siri shows me spatial videos of the hotel rooms on my Apple VisionPro 3.

Me: I'll take the first one. I like the Japanese minimalism and the huge windows.

Siri: Good choice. I’ll try to get a better price and book it for you.

Me: Thanks.

Siri: Your outfits are ready.

Me: Show me.

Siri shows me interactive spatial videos of me at the event location and the hotel wearing the curated outfits. To the right, I see an overview of all items with price and additional product information from description and ratings, to origins of fabric, and care instructions.

Me: The second outfit is it. It looks great with the jacket. Buy it with my Apple card.

Siri: Done. The Suit will arrive on Friday, and the shirt and tie on Monday. I called the hotel, and they gave me 10% off and a voucher for the Spa down the street. Maybe you want some relaxation on Sunday morning.

Me: Perfect. Show me some memories of my time with Susan. We have to think about a gift for her.

Siri: Sure, here are your memories with Susan. I miss her too, Georg.

Scary? Well, this is just the beginning of a new era.

Fast forward to iOS 22.

Siri: Georg, I see your stress level rising above normal while you are watching your memories with Susan. Do you mind me suggesting something?

Me: Sure.

Siri: For now, I would suggest going for a little walk to catch a breath. Afterward, you can do some exercises in your mindfulness app. This will reduce your stress level a little bit. But you should consider seeing Dr. Ford for a session or two before you go to the wedding. Shall I book a session for you? You’re free on Tuesday afternoon.

Me: Good idea. And can you make me a playlist for my walk?

Siri: Done, I have curated some uplifting songs from your favorites. Just say play.

Me: Play.

Our smartphone knows everything. It knows us better than anyone. Better than family and friends. Better than we know ourselves.

It knows our calendar.
It knows our location history.
It knows our entire communication.
It knows the food, music, movies, places, and people we like.
It knows our heartbeat, weight, and health condition.
It even knows our mental health condition. Sensors in ring and watch consistently gather data. Together with voice analysis, AI can detect joy, stress, and depressive episodes.

My phone is my close buddy who knows me the best. My Ai buddy.

So what happened? In the story above, my AI buddy knows from my correspondence with Susan and my photo library, that she was the love of my life. My Ai buddy also knows that I went through a hard time after she broke up. From health data, sleep patterns, and my conversations with friends and family, my buddy knows that I lived an unhealthy lifestyle, did not get enough sleep, and that my mental health condition has changed. My Ai buddy warned me about negative changes and provided science-based insights on how to change my health condition for the better. Being more active, getting enough sleep, using the mindfulness app, and seeing my therapist helped me to get back on track and cope with my depression. Easy task. It was all in the data.

Our AI buddies can use all these data to help us live a better life.

Let’s all hope they do.

I never met a Susan btw. Just saying.

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